Press coverage (in chronological order within sections)  – updated 19 March 2014



Crafts magazine (July/August 2013)

Article about Philippa Lawrence and the things that inspire her (already planned before C&M PR appointed) that referenced the C&M project. No link to article, just one to the magazine (issue 243):

Circulation 17,000: Readership 48,000


Embroidery (July/August 2013)

Subscribers/circulation 22,000


Elle Decoration (September 2013)

September Now

Full page with picture of work by Kari Steihaug and text about Salts and C&M (plus voucher for  £5 off catalogue).

Circulation 70,300; Readership 198,000


House & Garden (September 2013)

Item in Diary section, page 50

Circulation 124,000; Readership 687,000


The World of Interiors (October 2013)

Listing on page 381

Circulation 62,050; Readership 130,000


Textile Forum (September 2013)

Preview of exhibition by Lesley Millar, curator.

No figures – possibly the last print version?


Selvedge (September/October 2013)

Preview of exhibition by Lesley Millar, curator

Circulation 25,000 (Subscribers 12,500); Readership 75,000


Yorkshire Living (September 2013)

Living Diary

Review, p.90. Specifically mentions works by Caren Garfen, Reece Clements and Yoriko Yoneyama (plus photo) and description of others, unnamed.

Circulation 15,000


The Quilter (published by The Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles) Journal 137 – Winter 2013.

‘Comment’ section: Double page review (pp.24-25) by Davina Thomas with full colour images of work by Karina Thompson, Koji Takaki, Machiko Agano and Caren Garfen.  Also mentions work by Jeanette Appleton and Hannah Leighton-Boyce (no pictures).

Quilters’ Guild members 6,900


Popular Patchwork, January 2014 issue – pages 62-64 plus p.5 Contents (Caroline Bartlett image). Review by Davina Thomas with pictures of work by Caroline Bartlett, Katharina Hinsberg, Diana Harrison, Yoriko Yoneyama, Celia Pym, Yoriko Murayama and Rachel Gray. Text also mentions work by Peta Jacobs (no photo).

Circulation 31,000


Embroidery (Jan/Feb 2014 issue)

2 page exhibition review that mentions work by Hannah Leighton-Boyce, Caren Garfen, Karina Thompson, Annie Harrison, Peta Jacobs, Rachel Grey, Katharina Hinsberg, Jeanette Appleton, Philippa Lawrence, Machiko Agano, Hilary Bower, Yoriko Yoneyama, Yasuko Fujino, with photographs of works by Caren Garfen, Peta Jacobs, Diana Harrison, Kari Steihaug, Yoriko Yoneyama.

Subscribers/circulation 22,000


Craft Arts International (Issue 90 – February/March 2014 – available in UK April/May) Published in Australia. 3 page review by Corinne Julius with photographs of Salts Mill and works by Koji Takaki, Caroline Bartlett, Jeanette Appleton, Katsura Takasuka, Peta Jacobs, Yasuko Fujino, Yoriko Yoneyama, Machiko Agano, Kari Steihaug, Yoriko Murayama, Reece Clements, Caren Garfen, Diana Harrison and Katharina Hinsberg.

Readership 125,000


Expected: TEXT – the Journal of the Textile Society magazine Publication date?

No figures available


Expected: Textile: the Journal of Cloth and Culture Review by Prof. Simon Olding

Publication date?

No figures available


Expected: The Journal of Weavers Dyers and Spinners Publication date?

No figures available





Telegraph & Argus (Bradford)  27 July 2013

Preview of exhibition featuring request for mirrors + images

Circulation 24,000


Telegraph & Argus (Bradford) 15 August 2013

Double page spread – images of work in progress


Telegraph & Argus (Bradford) 27 August 2013


Yorkshire Post Friday 21 June

Culture Supplement

Circulation 37,800


The Guardian/Guardian Guide (late August/early – mid September?)

The Guardian is mentioned on several visitor comment cards, but we have no record

Circulation 187,000



Halifax Community Radio – Interview with Lesley Millar, 10am Thursday 8 August


Bradford Community Radio – Interview with Charlotte Cullin, C&M invigilator  Monday 16 September.




BBC Look North – filming in The Lobby, Tuesday 6 August (not broadcast?)


BBC Look North – filming all day Thursday 15 August. Short item broadcast on lunchtime news (from 1.30pm) with longer piece during early evening news (from 6.30pm).

Estimated viewing figures 2013: 625,000




Saltaire Festival:


Dig Yorkshire – Call for Dance participants:

Japan 400 – Cloth & Memory has been selected as an event to celebrate 400 years of  exchange between Japan and Great Britain.


UCA website


Quilters’ Guild website – events page


Saltaire Daily 10 October

Instal shot


Saltaire Village website:

Japan Foundation events link:


Culture 24 15 August 2013

Image Yoriko Yoneyama


Crafts Council (went live August 2013)


The Journal of Wild Culture (posted 16 July)

Listed online – as one of the best events across the world taking place in August 2013




Leeds List (went live 2 September)


The Positive (posted 5 August)

Preview listing


Email alerts

Saltaire Festival 30 August 2013

Vimeo etc

Helen Cerina, the Italian choreographer who leaded the workshop and two participants talking about the experience after the final performance A spontaneous Act of Happiness that took place in Salts Mill for the Opening of the Cloth and Memory {2} exhibition.




Crafts Council blog–UCA-Exhibition-Explores-Cloth-And-Memory


Brown grotto arts blog:

Participating artists’ blogs


Annie Harrison –


Karina Thompson –


Philippa Lawrence -